November 2, 2009

Want to feel inspired and uplifted?

This family is the coolest!!! I would SO love to do what they're doing.
This is a friend of mine from school. I haven't seen him in YEARS.
I connected with him through facebook. (of course)
He is experiencing the funnest adventure. His wife has an amazing photography blog, and not to mention that she's gorgeous!
Anyway, check it out, you'll be hooked.

November 1, 2009

November's Here!!

I LOVE November. It means Halloween is OVER. YAY!
I get to listen to Christmas music as much as I darn well please.
I get to decorate my house, and smell the yummy smells of Thanksgiving and Christmas.
It just feels good in November, and this year we get to spend Christmas together in our new house instead of in a hospital room. I'M SO EXCITED!!!
Today is the first which means there's a new Kit of the Month at Unity Stamp Co.
The jar in there is mine. :)

And this is the Scrapbooking Kit of the Month. I drew the "plaid block thingy" and the "It's Love" image. I always really love the scrapbooking kit.

I hope everyone has a HAPPY NOVEMBER!!, and enjoys it as much as I do.