September 3, 2008

New Stamps at Pink Persimmon!!!!!!!!

Guess what? The wonderful ladies at
Pink Persimmon
released their new stamps today. Wow!, I love them. Check them out
Guess what else? I'm the guest designer for the month of September. THE MONTH! I might go
Pink Persimmon crazy!!!
When I last looked in the mirror, I thought I could see my skin turning a pinkish, persimmonish color. LOL! Okay, I might be taking it a little too far, but these ladies are seriously talented, and I'm actually a bit intimidated by it. So I'm very honored to be a guest designer.
Guess what else, else?? Judi gave a very usable, valuable tutorial called
"Just The Basics".
It's about card division, groupings, and numbers. You HAVE to check it out. Even if you are an EXPERT (ya, you know I'm talking about YOU[eh!]), you need to just check out this tutorial to get a refresher. Cuz, you know, sometimes we all forget the basics. So, here's a little peak at the new stamps: OH WAIT! I gave you a sneak peak. Just read down through my blog. (The ribbit card, the fairy notebook, the BIG, FABULOUS, scalloped journaling circle on the layout). While you're visiting Pink Persimmon, leave a comment on
about what kind of stamps you'd like to see them make. Or just leave a comment here if you'd like. I'll be sure to pass it on.


Tanis said...

So happy for you :)

Kimmarie said...

Congrats Lindsay! Your cards are always awesome girl!

eva said...

Congrats Lindsay!!!! Your cards are always awesome, your are one talented lady, don't ever doubt yourself!!! You totally deserve to be a designer anywhere! Keep posting your gorgeous creations!!!

Laura said...

congrats on your month at Pink Persimmon!!!! How fun! Your work is lovely! :)

Sharon Caudle said...

Congrats Lindsay! Your work is beautiful, so I'm not surprised! Enjoy your guest designer spot! :)

Laura Davis said...

Congrats, congrats!!! You are on a role!!!