January 21, 2009

Photo tagged!

I was photo tagged by Laura, one of my sweetest friends on the web. She was tagged, and the photo she used is hilarious. It's totally cat-X rated. You'll have to go see for yourself, you'll see what I mean. What you do is go to the 6th folder in your pictures file, and post the 6th picture. Mine was this cute picture of Casey's hand. I was taking pictures of his cute little body while he was sleeping. It was in May sometime, so he was probably about 15 months old.
I should tag 6 people now, but I have to go to work on my house. I'm being rushed. I'll tag some friends later.

Then I came across this video in the same folder. I had cut my boys hair really short for the summer, actually it's just buzzed right off. I get tired of hair cuts, so I wanted to just take care of the whole summer at once. They look silly, and Carter's head is much too big to have it buzzed. HAHA! My dad will appreciate that I posted this. He'll be laughing so hard, his asthma will go all crazy, and he'll start coughing. He's laughing just reading that! Enjoy dad, this is for you.


Tanis said...

Oh my word, that is Owen in a nutshell.

Laura Davis said...

Awww I love that photo! Really Lindsay you are such a talented photographer! I knew I had to tag you:)
Thanks for playing!

Heidi Van Laar said...

That pic is so precious!

(-: Heidi

Katie @ Paper Makeup said...

hahahahahha, the jpys i have to look forward too!

Laura said...

Hey Lindsay
I nominated you for a blog award, come check it out!!
take care

jami {sgtStamper} said...

OK...that picture of Casey's hand is just so sweet...what a neat picture. When we're in AZ, my boys always get their hair buzzed at the beginning of the summer....they hate when their swim goggles get tangled in hair!!
hugs, Jami