April 24, 2009


We've had a fun busy day today. And I wanted to share a few picture with you. We worked in the yard a bit. Casey got to ride in the bobcat with Chad and he LOVED it! Then we had to go dump the dirt out of the dump trailer so we went down to this field where.......There was a "DONKEY ON THE EDGE"- donkey from shrek ..... really just a donkey, a BIG, friendly donkey.
Then, since I had my camera taking pictures of Donkey, I had Carter take some pictures of me and Casey. We even found an old tub/water trough to sit in.

And this is just a sweet picture of my wonderful little puppy. His name is Grey, by the way. I changed it. It just fits better.

Now go check out the new Creative Team for
E.A.D. Designs
on the blog. It's going to be so much fun!!!!


Anonymous said...

What a fun day.
LOVE the tub picture and your
Sexy Hot Boots
I cant believe how big Grey is getting.

Anonymous said...

Loved the pictures!! You two are so darn cute together. >:0)

Heidi Van Laar said...

Beautiful pics! Looks like the perfect spring day!

Danielle said...

Ok, those are too darn cute! They should be framed!!!! Or I am sure they are heading for a LO :)

Blessings~~ Danielle

Sarah said...

I love love love love that picture of your and Casey in that tub! You can feel that picture. I love photos like that!
And your pup? GORGEOUS. I love that name, Grey. Good thinkin'!

Katie Cotton said...

these pictures are FANTASTIC!