June 1, 2009


I'm finally getting around to blogging. We've had a busy few weeks. Just to catch you up:
THIS is the skateboard Kaiden got for his birthday.

I found out that trying to be a fun outgoing 30 year old mom doesn't really go well with skateboard tricks. I was doing pretty well, then tried to do an "ollie". It turned more into a "fall-y". I landed on my hip and my REAR-END is still sore.

My pen tablet that I use to draw with broke. Then a few days later my hard drive on my computer crashed. My wonderfullest friend Emily worked on my computer for a few days and found out I have a bad sector. SOOO I ordered a new pen tablet AND a new hard drive for my computer. I lost all my art. But that's okay. It's a fresh start and I'll have new inspiration.

We went camping over the weekend. It was a BLAST!!!! We went with some of our best friends.

{the boys} It was so much fun to have the kids have their best friends with them the whole time.

{the whole gang minus Casey}

{photo below is Burke. He looks quite grumpy,
but he was having a grand old time being the chef}

{and this is what he was making}

{Yummiest breakfast burritos EVER!}

And a few more photos of the kids.

This is Carter being a super great brother to Casey.

The long line to the tree swing that everyone LOVES!!

While we were camping, my dad fell off the roof of his shed and landed on one of the raised boxes he built for his garden. He broke 4 of his ribs, and bruised his kidneys and liver. OUCH!!!! He shoulda been camping with us. But it's okay, because he's going to heal fast and be back to his bad ol' self again soon.

Emily's goat had babies (or kids), and they are sooooo cute! And here is Casey giving them some love.

In the meantime we're working on our yard still. It's taking so much longer than we intended. We just can't help but take breaks and play with our kids. A yard is no good if you have no relationship with your family. But it's getting there and will be done soon!!


Tanis said...


I feel like I haven't talked to you in a MONTH with all that's happening!!!

Poor dad!!! I hope he's feeling ok!

Take care of your butt.

Emily said...

Looks like you had tons of fun while your dad was acting like a crazy teen.

Look at how sweet your baby is with my babies..AWWW