July 9, 2009

Mom and Kaiden's all day fishing trip....

funnest day together, ever.


Tanis said...

Where did you go?
Did you catch the big one?
Did you have fish for supper?
When can I go too?
Can you send me some fish?
Where did you get that fun hat?

Emily said...

Looks like you had tons of fun. Where's grey? He should be jumping in the pond{LOL}

Jenn said...

Awe, too cute

dana said...

Hi Lindsay. Beautiful pics and seriously....what a fun day!
Thanks for your comment on MADE. Please join us in our swimsuit sew-along. It's nothing formal. Just post about it on your blog and link to our posts and I'll add a link to yours, etc. :)
I guess this means I actually need to get cracking and cut up some fabric. hmmmm....
good luck!
- dana