June 7, 2008

Happy Birthday Kelsey!

Kelsey is 5 today. She is my little princess. I really mean princess. She's one of those. I love her so much. I'm glad she's my only girl. We have a friendship that means so much to me. At times she's a big handful. She's stubborn, strong headed, and has her mind made up. And then there's the times that she just melts my heart(or hite, as she'd pronounce it). I love you Kelsey. Stay who you are, be strong willed and always know what you want. Happy Birhtday!

Ten things I love about Kelsey
1* She is beautiful
2* She's smart
3* She's a teaser
4* She's my friend
5* She has a big heart and knows how to love
6* She's an aspiring artist
7* She's very forgiving
8* She wants and loves to learn
9* She wants to grow up and be a mom like me
10* She's mine and she knows it


White Family said...

That is so sweet-and she is BEAUTIFUL! I love the picture of you and her. You both have the same eyes. Baby Blues!! Aren't little girls heaven? Couldn't live without 'em!

Rich & Tyra said...

She is so sweet! What a cutie! You have adorable kids and I am glad you have a girl! They are awesome! And so are boys I have decided! It is fun to have both!

Andrea said...

She is so pretty and sweet. You have a cute fam and you're a good mom! You look cute in your pics too!

Hyde Family said...

She is so cute, Lindsay. I know what you mean about little girls are the relationships we share with them. I guess I can say that because that is all I know...but I wouldn't change it for the world.

Tanis said...

Happy Birthday one day late Kelsey! I hope you had loads of fun yesterday!

Phillips Family said...

Oh how fun!! It was so good seeing you and your flock!! I love them and think they are great. We would love to camp ANY TIME!! Call us!

Angela said...

Happy BIrthday Kelsey!~ You are such a pretty little girl. My daughter will be five August 9....she is everything princess too!~

Arcticstamper said...

Wow! You are blessed with a beautiful girl that looks so much like you. Great pictures to cherish as she grows! Isn't it awesome to be a Mom?

kenny said...

Kelsey, papa and i were hoping that you were feeling better tonight.. we sure do love our moofasa and hate to see you sick. Soooooo.... you better get better and we better go swimming when you get better then we can get wetter in the pool and.....play baseball at the blue pike ha ha.. and we go go camping in the trailer that tips over when papa gets in it.. love your guts .. nana