October 6, 2008


Hello fellow bloggers! I'm excited to announce that I am the newest member to the Etsy Inspired Design Team. It's this great blog that goes into the big wide world of Etsy shops, and finds inspiration within other artists creations. Art Inspiring Art is our theme.

This week's challenge is a little different than what they have usually done. 10oneworld is an organic clothing company. They went organic because the owner's daughter had a lump in her breast and her pediatrician was concerned about the amount of chemicals she was getting. The family decided to go organic and spread that into their company. They also do a lot of reusing materials (making patches out of old denim) and making items that are more earth friendly like market bags. Here is the shop: http://www.etsy.com/shop.php?user_id=5707377

Ashley said:"This week, I'd like to challenge you all to use environmentally friendly products or reuse some old stuff that you might have thrown away. It doesn't have to be your entire creation but I thought it would be cool to get in the spirit of things. I can't wait to see what you come up with! Link your creation at HeartHugs and win some blog candy!"

This is the shirt that inspired me to make my creation. I love trees, so it immediately caught my eye. I decided that I would use an old sports drink container to make a little "money tree" for our family. I thought it would make a cute little twist to the saying, "money doesn't grow on trees."

This will help us to save the extra change we have sitting around the house, as well as remind us how much we love nature. We are an outdoor family and love everything to do with nature. We go camping almost every other weekend(when we aren't building a house). While camping we take the kids around the campground and have them pick up any garbage. We make sure to stay on the trails and keep everything as natural as possible. (Which can kind of be a hard task with my 2 older boys, who defy the laws of everything!!) When it comes to recycling, I know we can do a better job than we have. This "money tree" jar I made will help to remind us of that.

All Sport bottle
Used paper bag
Fabri-tac (the best adhesive EVER!!)
1 piece of cardstock
Cute stamps (details below)
ink (cats eye chalk, stazon; brown)
hot glue gun (enviromentaly friendly??? i don't know) for the pennies

First of all I want to acknowledge one of my BFF's. I used 2 different sets of stamps that she designed. I think she's amazingly talented, very quiet, and I have decided to be her megaphone. :) Love yer gutz Tanis!!
*The inchies at the bottom and some of the circle at the top (the ones with stickles in the center) are from QKD. These are the ones Tanis designed. The circle is part of a set called Build a Flower. It's one of my favorite.
*The group of 3 trees(called Tiny Trinity), and the swirly gig type circles(from a set called fanciful dots) are from Unity. LOVE THEM!!
* The big tree, the leaves on the rim(both from the set called Oh Dear), and the smaller circle at the top(from the set called ribbit) are from Pink Persimmon. LOVE THEM TOO!!!

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Tiff said...

Love that outside of the box thinking!!! SUPAH DUPAH!!!! Also, congrats on your appearance on the Unity blog :) WELCOME!

Ashley said...

Holy Mackerel! This is way above and beyond anything I'd imagined! I just love it! I would BUY it, it's just that good!

evafromca said...

WOW!!!!!!! Lindsay, you are so darn creative and I agree with the poster before me, I would BUY it. This is one awesome project and I love Tanis' stamps, I am so glad you decided to be her megaphone, as she does deserve it!

And I wanted to congratulate you on making it on front page of Unity stamps..whoohoo!!! Loved that card!!

Ryann said...

This is great! Welcome to the team! *smiles*

Catherine said...

too cool.. love it

Linsey said...

Oh, how very beautiful and creative! This is such a lovely artistic piece, Lins! :) Super inspiration too! I {heart} Etsy so much!!! CONGRATS!! YOu SO deserve it, gf! hugs and smiles!