March 2, 2009

Happy Birthday Carter

No, I didn't forget, I was just busy today. It was Carter's birthday today, and he stayed home from school sick. Not playing hooky, he really was sick. But no worries, he just played playstation all day. That's an ideal stay at home from school cuz it's your birthday Carter kind of day.

Why do I love this kid? Oh my, there's too many reasons. I can feel a tear already and I haven't even started.

*He's KIND. He has a heart of gold and doesn't hold back. When he feels bad for someone, he's the first person to try to make them feel better.

*He will melt your heart. My mom loves seeing Carter, because he's the only kid that makes sure to give her a hug first thing when he sees her. Just because he loves her, not because he has to.

*He loves to snuggle. Even still at 8 years old. He will snuggle me in my bed all night long if I let him. There's no turning over to get comfy, or give some space. It's a full on legs and arms wrapped around you, breathing HOT air onto your neck, cramped arms, sore back kind of snuggle. He just LOVES too much.

*He dopey. As much as it drives me crazy, I still have to love it. Because it's me. LOL!!! I was just as dopey when I was a kid. Who am I kidding, I'm still dopey. He just needs a goat. (INSIDE JOKE)

*He loves animals. Just like me. He's a sucker for anything that might be cold or hungry or lonely. He wants to take every single animal in and adopt it. In fact, he has brought home 3 ROBINS!!! that were injured, and we tried to keep them and give them life back. 1 of them we succeeded. Until we went on a vacation and tragedy struck with the bird. (But we won't bring that up mom.) HAHA!!!!!

*He can get along and play by himself all day long without a complaint. He doesn't need a friend to stay happy. He can entertain himself with just about anything. Give him a stick and show him a wasp nest, and he'll be fine all day. Even if he gets stung 10 times. Another fact about Carter, he eats bee larvae. Ya, gross! He likes the reaction he gets from it. Everyone is dry heaving and gagging, and he's just munchin away. He found a nest at my moms once, and Kaiden dared him to eat the larvae inside. Well, you didn't have to pull his leg to hard, he was chompin away before Kaiden could say go. HAHA!! He's such a boy!!!!

I just love everything about him. Even his long, extremely full, blonde head of hair. He just so handsome. Happy Birthday Carter, I love you.


Tanis said...


Hope you feel all better real soon :)

Have fun being 8!!

Sounds like you and Owen could be very good friends :)

Ashley said...

HAppy birthday Carter!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Carter! >:0)

Lindsay what a little cutie he is! You are always talking about how fabulous your kids are, well honey that just shows what a fabulous mother YOU are!


Glade Shari & Co. said...

He's a lady killer. Watch out Lindsay, the girls are going to drive you nuts calling him all the time...that is, if they aren't already. Too cute.
Happy Birthday Carter!

Heather Brown said...

CONGRATS on a Gorgeous house and an even more gorgeous Family!!! Hope your son had a wonderful birthday!!!

Eva said...

Ohhh...what a sweet tribute on his Birthday and what a sweet boy you have! Happy Birthday Carter and what a handsome boy he is indeed. Give him lots of hugs and kisses from me, too.