March 17, 2009

Happy St. Patricks Day!

I am the luckiest person alive. Well, at least I feel that way.
*I'm so lucky to have such beautiful wonderful kids, and hubby.

*I'm lucky to be healthy, and have a healthy family. I'm lucky to have Chad here and HEALTHY.

*I'm lucky to be able to stay home with my kids.

*I'm lucky to live in such a wonderful neighborhood, where my kids have friends to play with.

*I'm lucky to have such wonderful friends.

*I'm lucky to have wonderful parents. My parents are some of my best friends.

*I'm just lucky.

REALLY, I don't believe in luck. Rather, I'm grateful for all the things I have. But IT IS St. Patricks day, so I had to tie it in somehow.

Just look at how lucky I am. Look at this cute little fart. He fell asleep on the stair. I was cleani
ng the kitchen, and he just loves to be with me so much that he found the closest place to lie down and drink his bottle (YES, he is indeed too old to have a bottle, shame, shame). Happy St. Patricks Day!


Heather Brown said...

That is HILARIOUS!!!! So funny!!

Heather said...


This is adorable I laughed out loud when I saw it!!!! How cute he is!!!

How old he looks about the same age as my Tucker!!!

Who I also posted pics of today how funny!!!

I love this picture!!!


Anonymous said...

Oh how adorable! Love this picture. Makes me miss my girls being little.

Rich and Tyra said...

So cute! That is stinkin adorable!

Linsey said...

Well, Lindsey, it certainly does sound and look like you have much to be thankful for (as I know you are). And WE (the world) are LUCKY to have your artistic contributions shared with us! You inspire me in more ways than one, my friend. You are a wonderful person with a heart of gold (even though we haven't met irl, I just know). And I know that your family and friends feel just as lucky and blessed to have you in thier lives!! hugs and happy st. patty's day

de said...

Sooo cute! What was in the bottle?!