April 19, 2008

What do you love?

Here are some pictures, untouched and unedited, of my kids at the Gateway fountains last year. I was just thinking about how I used to take the best pictures. I had the best camera and it just quit working. It makes a big difference when you have a good camera. I am getting it fixed though. So take a look at my fun pictures and then read below them.

You know those blogs that you go on that you just go " Oh I love this blog"? And then after you check it like 10X a week you just finally put it on your favorites list. So what is it that makes you do that? Is it great pictures? Is it great cards, or scrapbook layouts? Is it the "articles" ? Is it a project that the blogger is sharing the how-to's?

What makes YOU decide that you will go back and check what's on that blog again? I want to be that blog. I want to inspire people and keep people coming back. Not because I want to be "the coolest" or a "blogger celebrity". Just because I love the feeling of accomplishment. I love to be acknowledged. What woman doesn't want to be acknowledged and accomplished? I don't know any.

So please leave a comment. Let me know what brings you back to a blog.

Thanks - Lindsay


Lisamariemlt said...

Love the look of your blog-your photos are amazing-and your cards are fab
I'm gonna have to come back and visit often
ps love your music too

Kimmarie said...

I love your blog! The music is so perfect. Great pictures of summer fun. I especially like the picture with GG.

toners said...

I really like your new blog, Lindsay! The bigger font makes it nice and clear to read - and I always stop by to see your new creations! Great job!

KSmith said...

Hey I'd love to have those fountains by me especially in the hot summer days that are coming

suzann said...

Your new blog is so pretty. You asked a great question about what makes a blog good. For me, I love to visit blogs that inspire me because of their creative spirit and the uniqueness of it.

I will visit again!!

Nikki and Brad Ashton said...

Linz, you are the most creative person that i know. Your blog is so cute- cant wait for you to make mine look like that. ha ha ha. I love you! nik