May 26, 2008

Happy Birthday Kaiden!

Today Kaiden is 10 years old. Wow! That doesn't seem real. I have a ten year old. What?
We got him a Fuzion for his birthday. He loves anything with wheels. He can master anything you give him. He is definitely my over achiever.

10 things I love about Kaiden:
1*He's stinkin' cute
2*He has good manners(most of the time)
2*He is very athletic
4*He's funny
5*He is very good at helping me clean and organize
6*His teachers at school tell me that even though they have to constantly tell him to quit talking in class, he is still their favorite. (He's a charmer)
7*He's very forgiving
8*He likes to be active.. He's not an indoor playstation kind of kid
9*He loves to eat fruits and veggies for snacks, and his favorite drink is water(at the same time, he complains that I always make him eat healthy "brown" bread)
10*He's mine


Tanis said...

AW! Happy Birthday Kaiden! You are a lucky guy :) Maryse is right behind you - she's turning 10 really soon :)
Have a super day and do something super fun!

toners said...

Happy Birthday to Kaiden!

Kristi said...

Happy Birthday! He is darling Lindsay, I can't believe you have a 10 year old!!!

Angela said...

Happy Birthday Kaiden! Hope you had a great day!

Rich & Tyra said...

Oh, how cute! I hope he had a great birthday! Your house is looking good! Lindsay, I need some bows to match dresses for a wedding. I have the dresses so now I just need to bring them to you. I will give you a call soon!

Lindsay Spencer said...

Anytime, Tyra.

Arcticstamper said...

hvrqkvbHappy Birthday Kaiden! My boy turns twelve in Sept. Where does the time go? I've loved every minute of it. I found your site from a link off of Diane's blog candy. I think I've visited before though.

I really enjoy your site, I will have to follow it all the way back, I am in a remote part of Alaska, and I really enjoy visiting. Would love to have you visit my site too.

Tara said...

Hey Lindsay. I forgot that you left a comment forever ago. I love your blog. Very cute. I can't believe you have a ten year old. He is so cute.