May 22, 2008

Just a Thursday.

I don't have anything too interesting to talk about today. But I still feel like blogging. So here are a few pictures of my house. It's getting framed right now. It's so exciting to see walls. And the view behind my house, isn't it great?

Can you do this? I can make my tongue look like a clover. LOL I know... I post weird things. But that's just me.



Hyde Family said...

I love to read your random posts! It makes life fun! I also love the view from your house....BEAUTIFUL!

Angela said...

Looks like the house is nicely coming along! The view is BEE-YOU-TEE-FULL!.

And no...ummm....I can't do that with my tongue lol! I can't even get roll it in any way, shape, or form. LOL!

Tanis said...

Cute tongue! My sis in law can do weird things like that too :)

What a great view! So can you actually go to those mountains and hike them?

Lindsay Spencer said...

That gives me an idea Tanis. I'll hike up there this weekend and take pictures.

Kristi said...

Great job on the tongue clover, very impressive! And that is view is great! Where are you building at?

Rich & Tyra said...

Nice tongue Lindsay! I am loving the walls going up too! When they delivered the wood the other day my girls thought is was thunder outside, it had just rained the day before with a little thunder, so they were a little confused... So exciting!!!! By the way, I have a bow project for you. I will give you a call...

Spring is Here! said...

Hey Lindsay!

I love your blog it is fun to read!
I can't help but remember the simple days of having fun with you! Then Jr. and Sr. year happened!

So glad life is so wonderful for you!

Thanks for sharing!

Mylinda (Harrison) Mortensen:)