May 16, 2008

Progress on my house.

I haven't been keeping up on posting pictures of the progress of our house. We have our floor done and the lumber is there now. These pictures are of the day that they poured the concrete. Casey loved it. He's going to be just like his Dad.

Okay, one more thing. I love the laundromat. It's so peaceful. I don't even have to go to it, but I like to when I feel like I'm too behind on laundry. It's just that the only thing you can do there is laundry. No multi tasking, no trying to keep up on changing the loads. You just do it all at one time and that's all you do. I may sound strange, but you should try it sometime. Plus, it's fun to play in the dryers. hehe


Tanis said...

Dryer girl!!
You're too fun :)

White Family said...

I LOVE it!! I'm going to try the laundromat sometime. I hate when I feel behind in laundry too. What a great idea! I laughed and laughed at you in the dryer!! Funny girl! Keep putting up pictures of your house-it will be fun to watch the progress. I'll come see it with Nikki when you move in!

Andrea said...

haha! That is so funny that you are in the dryer. I am still laughing about it. You're boys are cute. love ya.

Hyde Family said...

You are such a fun mom! I don't know too many that would climb in the dryers...pretty funny and I bet your kids thought it was great. By the your spare time (ha! ha!) I would love your help with my blog. Let me know when that time is!

Heidi said...

Oh my! Is that picture of him in the wheelbarrow too cute or what?!!! Adorable! And I know what you mean about the laundromat. My mom and I went once a week when I was younger and up till I moved out. I absolutely LOVE the SMELL of it!! And I used to get into one of the broken dryers and use it like a hamster wheel!