December 18, 2008

Just a Wednesday

We made fun Christmas projects today. I'll have pictures in the morning. But tonight I thought I'd just post a couple of pictures. My super cute nephew loves me. What can I say, I'm a fun Aunt! He calls me Dinz. He always says "mom, where's Dinz?" I love it. This is him with his momma. It was Heidi's bday on Sunday. My 3 oldest spent the night at her house and they all stayed up until 3am!!!! I guess maybe she's the cool Auntie. So on Sunday morning when she finally rolled out of bed (at 11!), they were all downstairs sitting on the couch waiting for her. When she came around the corner they started singing Happy Birthday to her. Isn't that sweet? I wish they loved me that much!

I realized I never post a picture of Chad. So here's the man I love! I love love love him. He's so sick right now, and it makes me feel so sad. He's the hardest working man you'll ever meet. And it has wore him right out. 15 hour days for almost a year have taken a toll. In fact, this is a picture of him AT WORK!! He never lets me take a picture. He was standing next to the truck and I sneaked a picture. I hope he feels better tomorrow. I love you Chad!

I almost forgot! I have over 15,000 hits on my blog since I started in April! As soon as I'm all settled in my new house with my new scrap room, I'll be having a BIG blog candy celebration post. Celebrating my new fun creative space and all you fabulous followers and peeps I love.


Laura Davis said...

I love the pics Lindsay! You are a talented photographer:) Cant wait for the celebration!

Heidi Van Laar said...

Your photography is so stunning! Congrats on all the hits!

Ashley said...

Gorgeous pictures Lindsay! Happy late birthday to your sis and I hope your hubby feels better ASAP!

Rich and Tyra said...

"Dinz" that is so cute. I am sure you are a fun aunt. And Chad is a great guy! I am glad you love love love him! He seems so layed back and nice and just like, a cool guy! That sounds so corny! Anyway. If we don't sell our house then it will be fun to hang out and if we do sell our house, then it would still be fun to hang out! I want to come see your paint. You were suppose to tell me when you were painting so I could come help you! I hope Chad starts feeling better! You are the card Queen! Can I come shopping?

Katie @ Paper Makeup said...

ooo, congrats on all the hits!!!! You're hubby has a great hat on by the way. hehe. I missed you at hip hop yesterday. Hope you get settled soon and have a wonderful christmas!