December 1, 2008

The New KOM at UNITY

The new Kit of the Month is up at Unity. A few of my stamps are in there. Can you guess which ones are designed by me? Be sure to sign up for the KOM club so you can get these fun kits at a discounted price each month. It's so worth it. I love my KOM stamps. Plus, Angela usually puts a coupon or some kind of goody in the KOM each month. We got a really super good coupon in November. Go HERE to see the kit at the Unity site.


Tanis said...


Love that movie :)


evafromca said...

I sooooo wish I could sign up for the KOM!!!! These are the times I hate this credit crisis....hehehe. But I love the new kit and one of my friends signed up last month, so if I am really nice to her, she might let me borrow hers to stamp a few images....Ok, my guesses, and I could be totally wrong, but here they are: the potted flowers, cupcakes, the Bliss and Whateva???? I am only guessing though. I love them all!!!!